Deep thoughts and fried insects..

Began today at the Death Railway Museum

I guess most people know of the various films about this dark episode during WW2, but like the holocaust museum near Jerusalem it only really hits home when you see at first hand. Never ceases to amaze me how brutal mankind can be and how resilient the oppressed have to be. Really well done museum situated across the road from one of the many war cemeteries dotted along the railway route. The youngest victim I saw was only 19…

On to the actual bridge, by bike, which I think must have dated from WW2 or was an ex trick cycle for a clown; definitely had a life of its own! Fortunately, not too many people crowding around so good opportunity to cross it and see the views across the river. Didn’t hear the whistling of the Colonel Bogey March though….which is not surprising really as the 1957 film was made in Sri Lanka!

Dinner in local night market… of course when in Rome etc…so saw some fried insects and had to try them… Not going to make a habit of it though…

4 thoughts on “Deep thoughts and fried insects..

  1. Great photos Ian although I bet that museum was rather depressing a bit like Auswitch . Glad all’s ok and I believe it’s rather hot . Wee had a bit of snow here . Take care xx


  2. Great pictures again.
    re the Japanese Invasion of Asia – I have been reading – The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Utquhart – He was a POW working on the railway.
    All the best up.
    Jane and John

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