Day 3

Cultural overload day 3 in Bangkok. Began with the Bangkok art and cultural centre, via BTS metro.

Impressive building and good displays of assorted arty stuff. Suitably educated moved on to Jim Thompson’s house / museum

This is an impressive array of wooden buildings transported from across Thailand to Bangkok and rebuilt as Jim Thompson’s home and workshops. An American expat who settled in Bangkok post WW2 and established the Thai silk trade until he disappeared on a trek in the Malaysian mountains in 1959. Aged 61….hmmm better watch out…

Then on to Chinatown. Vibrant street food market – see web site link…

Found one with a queue and tables which is a bit of a treat, and Michelin recommended…apparently, so had to try. No menu and no menu needed as only two choices a sort of pork soup either large (the special) or normal… Really surprisingly good!

Bangkok is a real mix , more so than common perceptions I guess. Surprisingly organised with good transport options…when not delayed, although it can take an eternity to travel short distances. It’s the Asian Venice with many canals and boat taxi options although the speed limit is somewhat different to on the Leeds-Liverpool for sure…Best option is to take the Tuk Tuk and close your eyes…

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