Extras 3, Siem Reap

Just had to add a third Extras…..Been out looking for somewhere to eat (and drink) after long road trip. These caught my eye….

My kind of 14hr happy hour……

Seems if you drink wine you need chips too…

Which should I order? Leaning towards the Feta and Tarantula samosa’s….

Then in my room they have options to buy some of the usual stuff like towels etc but also some strange one’s….maybe I’ll go for the tv or the do not disturb sign! This place is a real hoot!

Oops there go the shoes again…thanks H!

5 thoughts on “Extras 3, Siem Reap

  1. I had to uncover our log stack to replenish the house log store, please let the Bug Cafe know that I can supply many fresh bugs on demand. Carriage extra.


  2. Hi Ian dud you have any bugs or snakes it’s like celebrity get me out of here lol hope you ok take care xx ❤😊❤😃


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