Extras 2

For the fourth time in Vietnam I have just been asked where I am from and on hearing Faragistan…er…. ‘England’ the immediate response is “lovely jubbly ”! Where do they get this from? Is Del Boy a Vietnamese superstar? Weird… My own attempts at the local lingo are abysmal for sure, but I don’t think I have used any Hanoi rhyming slang as yet…

Mannequins & Marble statues. It seems to be compulsory that all shops selling some sort of clothing must have a plethora of pretty scary mannequins parading about on the street. Some full body versions, some with half a head and a few kids one’s straight out of a Stephen King novel…too scary to show here… then there are the blues brothers / men in black ensemble… but must be good ‘cos Tripadvisor says so…

Huge infatuation with marble statues / sculptures of all shapes and sizes. They are everywhere but seem focussed on tourist areas. I don’t understand who buys them though. Most, if not all, are way too big to fit in anyone’s suitcase or backpack. Some are 20 foot tall and must weigh tonnes, not to mention the price…they are not cheap for sure. Imagine shipping this happy chappie back to Cleckhuddersfax to put in your front garden…and he is a tiny one!

Unexpected sight amongst the hotels and restaurants in Danang centre… the Pink Cathedral. Built by a French priest in 1923, standing 70metres tall. Also known as Con Ga church or Rooster church…see weathercock. As you can see the recent New Year in China and Vietnam heralded in the Year of the Rat!

Some interesting ‘Karma’

Designer face masks! Efficiency at bug prevention very doubtful though…

Dragon bridge downtown…

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