Extras 1

Street food versus Restaurants….. I know what your thinking… street food is local, limited choice, not governed by hygiene monitoring perhaps no cleanliness star rating. Whereas restaurants are surely governed by different standards and monitoring, have menus – you know those fancy descriptions on actual paper, have proper chairs and tables even maybe a serviette… Well I am living proof that this is all bollocks… After nearly two weeks of ONLY street food I deemed it time to visit a local restaurant…36 hours later I am now coming round………Still lesson learned and in the words of the immortal Monty Python….”always look on the bright side of life”…having made room after becoming a bit of a bloater, I can now really go at the street food scene again… nice!

So, enforced break from exploring leads to further observations. Backpackers (amongst which I now consider myself an honorary member), do they ever wash or clean clothes etc and if so how? Well foresight is a wonderful thing and purchasing small tube of travel washing substance has proved invaluable, after all how big would your backpack have to be for 4 weeks? Drying has proved more difficult..remember 6 days without sun… but today no problem….just in time too!

Welcome sunshine..sorry about the subject matter but needs must..

Dogs – contrary to popular belief not every country south west of England eat our canine friends, although it may happen in some parts of this continent, 1 we are not going to talk about it and 2 it does not happen in Vietnam…

Sorry but family orders to include some canine photos…
Asleep, honest…


Amazon delivery service
Second fitting tomorrow….
Get your bamboo ladders here…

Got to get into this business…another satisfied polystyrene box customer…..

2 thoughts on “Extras 1

  1. The dogs look really healthy. Are there any cats around… or are they in the street food??
    Do you miss cheese and other dairy produce?


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