Train across the bridge

Kanchanaburi station to Wang Po return… across river Kwai and Death Valley viaduct. Thought I was in for a treat when I saw the train waiting on the platform….

Turned out to be the local version of the Orient Express heading for Singapore…mine was revealed behind it when it pulled away… a very special car though and at 100thb or £2.50 a snip!

Over the river Kwai.

On to the Wang Po viaduct. Route went through flat fields of rice, cassava plants, banana, sugar cane and palm trees; but also through steep sided cuttings in the hills by the riverside. How hard must it have been for the POW’s to cut down trees, bludgeon there way through solid rock and lay all the track required…

Left train at Wang Po station to wait for it to go on to Nam Tok, turnaround and pick me up for journey back to Kanchanaburi. Wang Po a small half a horse sort of village but with cold beer so a good stop!

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